Using the Details that Sing

Creating a powerful record is about capturing the complexity of a moment ― aside from high-tech gear, or musical prowess. When you stand in front of the mic, you’re not just tracking waveform; you’re carving an auditory sculpture from thin air. Years of practice and passion compress into every note and verse. 

Of course, what you put into the mic is only half the battle. Without a professional to assemble that sound and bring out the full potential, your art turns to mud spraying from the speakers.

As a performing artist and professional sound engineer, I’ve been on both sides of the microphone. Ultimately it comes down to trust: My clients trust me to guide their sound, minimizing imperfections and projecting its natural power ― a partnership that delivers great sound and dynamic listening experiences. Why should your next project be anything less?

“Jonathan literally blew my ears off my head holes.”

- Guy de Earless



  • Album Essentials
    • EP or Single Album
    • Basic Recording & Mastering
  • The Studio Experience
    • Consultation
    • Composition
    • EP, Single or Multi-Album
    • Comprehensive Recording & Mastering
    • Album Art


Sample track delivered digitally with brief project description. I work with all skill levels, but need to understand what yours is before we start.


I work in a wide range of environments, from dedicated studios to open-air concerts, each offers a unique sound. We’ll explore your vision and determine a solution that helps you deliver a stunning performance.

Cory Asbury | Let Me See Your Eyes


Onething Live 09


Pas Neos | The Wheat and The Tares


Laura Hackett | Believe